The quality department of the company undertakes the quality inspection of input and output products of the company, work includes inventory, feature testing, dimension measurement,… In it, measuring the size of many products in the company survives certain difficulties, resulting in inaccurate measurement results. Therefore, the management of company decided to invest a KEYENCE IM-7000 3D measuring machine worth about VND 1 billion 500 million, handover to the quality department.

With this 3D measuring machine, measuring the size of the product becomes easier. Employees put the product on the measuring table, set the size to be measured according to the actual product, the machine will give the measure of the size most accurately.

After setting the full size of the product and want to use it for the next time, we need to save the file to set the size of the product. Then we just put the product up and press the scan button, the machine immediately gives out the full size of the product. More specifically, the machine recognizes the measure of the size as OK or NG through the ability to enter the permissible error of the size.

Since having this machine, everyone in the department is more excited about the work because it reduces the measurement work for everyone and also contributes to increasing the department's productivity.

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